How Do Social Workers Help with In-Home Health Services?

Home Therapy
Many kinds of social programs are available to vulnerable populations in the state of Texas. Sometimes, the best way to gain access to those programs is with the mediation of your home health care service--such as CASA Healthcare--and applicable social workers. Besides Medicare, CASA Healthcare has experience in dealing directly with state and federal employees to help you with:
  • Cost reduction.
  • Setting health care goals to document progress.
  • Submitting paperwork to keep your current aid.
  • Assess and document your need for services.
  • Education about available programs.
  • Short- and long-term care services.

And more. If you’re wondering whether any programs exist that can help you or your family, please call (281) 485-5775 and include this in your questions about your home health care plan. Our physical and occupational therapists and other skilled nursing employees can address your questions.

Social Workers and Hospice Care

Occupational Therapy in Pearland Texas
Occupational Therapy in Pearland Texas
Social workers might become involved if you or a loved one move to hospice care. Hospice care is defined as having received a terminal diagnosis within the time frame of six months or less. 
Once you reach that stage in your life, the goals of your home health care change. CASA Healthcare’s branch, CASA Hospice, is still committed to keeping you comfortable in your own home with the help of CASA Hospice workers, if that is your preference, and a social worker can help our team do just that.

A social worker can help make sure that all proper state procedures are kept while we focus on helping you or your loved one stay as comfortable as possible. Social workers are also skilled in the more empathetic aspects of this work. They are not only concerned with paperwork and regulations. They are also trained to listen to clients and ensure that needs and wishes are being met with compassion. This shared mission is why CASA Healthcare teams up with social workers when needed.
Whether you’re looking for increased access to government health programs or are needing appropriate hospice care, CASA Healthcare and CASA Hospice work with social workers to your benefit.

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 If you’d like to talk about all the ways CASA Healthcare can bring convenient care to your home, you can start by looking at our more comprehensive list of services here and then call (281) 485-5775 or contact us for a free home health assessment.
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