Telehealth and the World of Digital Health Care

The beginning of 2020 had us reconsidering several of the ways we approach health care, both at home and in residential care homes. One of the options that took a dramatic leap in this time is the use of telehealth, the process of conducting normal visits or patient monitoring by video (using a smartphone or computer with video capabilities) or telephone.

CASA Healthcare is still taking full advantage of this option, both to minimize risk of spreading illness among our patients and to increase convenience for you and your loved ones. We can make ourselves more available to you when we are able to limit unnecessary commutes.

Follow-up Appointments and Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth in Houston
Once you are established as a patient with CASA Healthcare in any of our other home health services, not all of your following visits will require the same level of hands-on treatment. Especially if you are at the level of independent physical therapy exercises or occupational therapy tasks, a video or phone visit may be the ideal tool to let you know what your next steps are and to monitor your progress. These visits can be efficient for both you and your provider, allowing more time when hands-on care is appropriate and necessary.

If you’re already one of our patients and need the number to reach your provider, you can call (281) 485-5775.

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